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7 Beautiful Garden Hedge Design Ideas

7 Beautiful Garden Hedge Design Ideas

Create a truly unique look for your landscape this year with these beautiful garden hedge design ideas. Whether you prefer clean lines and sharp edging or a combination of different shapes and whimsical patterns, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular styles to help get you inspired. 

Natural Dividers

Natural borders or dividers are one of the most commonly used ways that hedges get incorporated into landscapes. Sharp, clean trimmings with a uniformed appearance is an iconic style that first originated throughout English estates centuries ago, and is still popular to this day. Whether you live in an urban environment or the countryside, you can easily create natural, manicured barriers around your landscape to deter intruders, animals and other pests. Shrubs that work well for this purpose include boxwood, privet and juniper.

Sculpted Round Hedges

If the uniformity of cubed hedges is too rigid for your taste, sculpted round hedges offer a tidy yet softer aesthetic. These work well when combined with other shrubs that grow at various heights. For example, you could arrange rounded hedges alongside taller varieties or shorter ground cover in front to create a dynamic look in the garden.  

Low Gridded Hedges

Want a design that your friends, family and neighbours will definitely take notice of? Gridded hedges are just the thing if you have some extra space to play with. Low flat hedges can be used to create definition in the front or backyard to exude that elegant and sophisticated English style garden. Within each section, you can plant different flowerbeds or pathways to add some unique patterns and structure to your green space. And don’t be afraid to be bold – try adding completely different arrangements throughout the gridded squares, or even a fountain to create a unique focal point. The options are endless.

Manicured Hedges Combined With Wild Loose Shapes

Your garden doesn’t have to look all prim and proper. Remember, it’s your space to create as you see fit. So if you prefer a more loose-leaf style, go for it! You can combine controlled, trimmed hedges with large flowering bushes like lilacs or a combination of different wildflowers to add more variety. This look is ideal for those who don’t want their garden to look so uninformed.

Eye-catching Arches

Magical, private gardens aren’t only reserved for English manors and story tales. Construct your own secret garden with evergreens and shrubs that can create eye-catching archways and towering walls to lead you in.  Some good choices for this purpose include blue atlas cedar, privet, yew, and magnolia. Beyond the archway and green walls, you can let your imagination run wild.

Whimsical Shapes

If you have an artistic streak, why not try your hand at sculpted hedge trimming (also known as topiary)? The art of hedge trimming can take practise, but with patience and perseverance, you can create amazing and elaborate shapes and designs. With the right type of shrub and tools, you can design almost anything to add some fun elements to your exterior to really make your garden the show-stopper of the neighbourhood.

Low Lying Hedges & Manicured Trees

Want a regal style pathway to welcome your guests? The combination of a manicured tree line alongside trimmed low lying hedges can do the trick. There’s something about this eye-catching contrast that screams, “your highness!” So if you’re eager for that slightly over-the-top look, consider this design along your entrance pathway.

Your landscape is like a blank canvas with so much creative potential. Make the most of your exterior this year with the help of the hedge trimming experts at Cedarsmith. With our dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction, we’re your go-to hedge trimmers in Ottawa. Get in touch today!