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CedarSmith - Annual Maintenance Program

CedarSmith is your neighbourhood friendly company ready to tackle all your outdoor needs. We provide hedge trimming and hedge care services while maintaining the best customer service. Stick with us, your local hedge business, and we will reward your loyalty as you are rewarding us with your business!

Once you know you are ready to take care of your hedges, whether in the front or the back yard, we will come out for a consultation to scope out your property. During this free on-site consultation and estimate, we will discuss your short-term and long-term hedge care needs. Our professional and experienced staff will talk about your objectives and goals to bring outstanding results to your living fence. We love doing these in-person consultations so we can meet you face-to-face and get to know each other better!

The Annual Maintenance program allows us to get familiar with your unique hedges and their needs. This program is a great option for those that want someone to take care of their hedges, so they don't have to. If you take part in the Annual Maintenance Program, you will be paying the same amount over a three-year period, and it is absolutely contract-free. This is a cost-effective plan that ensures that your outdoor space is receiving quality care all year-round. Gas prices might be fluctuating, but if you signed up for our Annual Maintenance Program your hedge trimming price won’t!

Once you agree to participate in the program, we will come out and check out your hedges every year to see how they are doing (and how you are doing!). If your needs and goals have changed from the previous year, it’s no problem; we will be happy to accommodate. It is important to reaffirm a current hedge structure with an annual trim. Cedar trees are an excellent example of a shrub that needs to be stimulated and groomed once a year in order to maintain their existing shape.

We don’t want our customers to have to worry about doing any of the dirty work, which is why a rigorous site clean-up follows all our services. Once we are done tackling your hedges, we will remove the trimmings, and we will take the past with us for you to focus on your new and improved hedge!

Our five stars google reviews show how happy our lovely customers are with our services and have opted-in the Annual Maintenance Program.All around CedarSmith was a perfect choice for my hedges. Great guys to be working with. I'll be signing up for the annual maintenance program!” - Szeren Kriger

We would love for you to participate in your Annual Maintenance Program. From our experienced staff to our quality equipment, we will repair and maintain your living fence for years to come! Don’t be a hedgehog and let your local business provide hedgexellent outdoor work for you. Contact us for a cutting-hedge service today!