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CedarSmith Stittsville Hedge Trimming

Have you recently moved out of the hectic city life or maybe you are a newcomer to Ottawa? Stittsville is the perfect suburban location to settle down, whether you are with your whole family or a partner.

Now, let’s talk about your outdoor space. Do you know how to take care of your trees, hedges, or living walls in both the front and back yard? Well, you don’t need to because we are here to save the day (and your green landscape). CedarSmith is your neighbourhood friendly hedge trimming company!

With our ten years of experience, our dream team is here to beautify your home for years to come, making your neighbours want to have hedges just like yours. With our latest technology and equipment, we deliver the safest and most effective hedge trimming services. Our friendly and professional staff are insured under WSIB liability since we always want to make sure we protect both the client and the workers.

Whether you are located near CARDELREC Recreation Complex, Amberwood Village Golf & Country Club, Mahogany Salon & Spa or Crossing Bridge and your hedges are in need of a trim, or you aren’t too sure what to do with your living fence, we are the team to give you the best professional and expert advice on the next steps. We will visit your home in Stittsville and check out the property to see what you might need. We are based out of Kanata so we know all surrounding areas really well and have dealt with all kinds of properties in the past.

During our free on-site estimate and consultation, we always work to provide you with competitive rates, so you don’t have to dig in your hedge-fund! This consultation allows you to meet our staff members and give them a chance you discuss your hedge goals and objectives.

Once you are satisfied with the work done, you can check out our Annual Maintenance Program. This program is contract-free and guarantees the same annual price point for a three-year period. This is an excellent option for us to get familiar with your hedges and understand your goals and needs to deliver better results. As well, we offer a post-trim consultation to discuss your short term and long-term hedge care needs.

We’ve helped many families revitalize their outdoor spaces in Stittsville, and we can’t wait to give you the gorgeous front and back yard that you deserve. No more worrying about landscaping while planning outdoor entertainment parties!

CedarSmith Is your go-to local Kanata and Stittsville hedge trimming company. We service our customers with a smile on our faces and expert knowledge. Contact us today and let’s get started on that hedge of yours!