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7 Most Popular Styles of Hedges


Hedges have been used in landscapes for centuries thanks to their elegant look and practical use for creating privacy. But beyond the practicality of these living walls, they can also be used for decorative purposes. From lush archways to show-stopping shapes and patterns, the options are truly endless when it comes to creating magical gardens with hedges. Here are the 7 most popular styles of hedges to add to your exterior this year.


Boxwood is one of the top choices when it comes to manicured hedges, and has been used for centuries throughout formal garden designs. This shrub grows dense and tall, growing up to 20 feet for certain types – one reason why they’re often used to create mazes. This broadleaf evergreen plant has sturdy, woody stems and can withstand frequent trimming. It’s a perfect choice for creating elaborate shapes or clean, lush borders around your landscape. Plus, it’s deer-resistant!

Japanese Barberry

Looking for a vibrant splash of colour to add to your yard? Japanese Barberry is a popular choice, reaching between 3 to 6 feet in height. There’s also a variety of foliage colours to choose from – green, yellow, red and burgundy with blends of golden and fiery red hues during the fall. If you’re looking to create an impenetrable border around your garden, this is one bush that will suffice thanks to its sharp stems. Take note that this bush can be invasive, so research your local regulations beforehand.


Juniper is one versatile shrub that offers it all. This evergreen grows fast and can be used as you need it – for groundcover, as tall trees or as well-groomed hedges. Pruning is also a breeze with this shrub.


Another top choice for avid landscapers looking for the most popular styles of hedges is privet. This hardy, drought-tolerant plant offers a stunning dense living wall or light screen-type barrier, depending on your preference. It can grow up to 12 feet tall and requires little maintenance. You can leave it be, and it will develop its own attractive vase-type shape, or you can prune it if desired. It will bear beautiful small white flowers in the springtime.

English Holly

You can get the best of both worlds, combining security and beauty with the addition of English Holly in your yard. This elegant plant creates an ideal barrier with its prickly leaves and vibrant red berries, with some varieties reaching up to 15 feet tall. 

American Arborvitae

Looking for a tall, unique style evergreen? The American Arborvitae can deliver! This species is more of a tree than a shrub but is equally useful for creating an attractive border around your home. It grows wider towards the base and narrower towards the top. It requires little maintenance but can be trimmed to maintain a shorter height if desired for a hedge-style appearance. Best of all, you can choose to plant them close together or further apart depending on how dense you’d like your living barrier to be.

Flowering Quince

Want a shrub that can block out those peering neighbours while looking and smelling amazing? Flowering quince is a beauty that produces bright pink, white and scarlet coloured blooms which give off amazing aromas. But don’t let that fool you! Behind those delicate flowers are very sharp spines that will deter anyone from attempting to cross and enter your property. This makes it an excellent choice for aesthetics and security. It can also grow up to 10 feet tall.

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