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How to Shape Shrubs into Art around Your Home

Eager to transform your lackluster garden into an eye-catching and creative landscape? You can instantly infuse some unique character and boost your curb appeal by learning how to trim and shape shrubs into art around your home. This creative practice, also known as topiary, is a fun way to liven up your exterior – and you don’t have to be an artist to do it. Here are a few good tips to help any novice gardener sculpt creative and whimsical shrubbery in the garden.

Choose The Right Shrubs

When it comes to topiary, there are certain shrubs that work better than others. Evergreens that are dense and have smaller leaves, like boxwood and privet, work well since they’re easy to trim and will maintain their shape for a longer duration.

Early summer is the best time to sculpt your shrubs. This is when the greenery is newly blossomed, fresh and perfect for trimming. If you leave it until later in the summer, the shrubs can become more brittle and difficult to sculpt.

Pick Your Shape

Once you have the right bush picked out, it’s time to pick which shape you’d like to create. Some shrubs may already resemble a certain figure or shape, which you can refine and focus on. If you’re a novice gardener, we recommend starting off easy and sticking with basic patterns or shapes, like a square or pyramid. You don’t want to be left with a hedge that looks like it got attacked by a chainsaw. So start off simple.

Use Wire Frame As An Outline

If you have an artistic thumb and are eager to try something more elaborate, you can use a wireframe as a guide. You can mould the wire into whatever shape you’re aiming for and then place it on the shrub to use as your template. Then simply trim anything that sticks out of the frame.

Always Use Sharpen Tools

Blunt, dull trimming tools can leave your hedges looking rough and unclear while also damaging the stems of the bush. Be sure to only use sharp pruning tools that will create clean lines and a clear outline of your targeted shape. This will also help the shrubs grow healthy and vibrant.

Keep On Top Of Trimming

To keep the shape you’ve worked hard at creating, keep an eye on the shrub and trim it whenever necessary so you can maintain the outline and shape. Leaving it for too long can make it difficult to get back that perfect outline you once had. Every shrub will differ when it comes to how fast it grows. Some can take years to fully blossom into the shape you desire, but regular trimming can help that process along.

Care For It

Like the rest of your garden, your hedges and shrubs will need regular, frequent watering to keep them lush, vibrant and healthy. This will also help them retain their foliage longer and keep their form. During the hot and humid summer months, water regularly and protect them from any insect infestations that may damage the leaves.

There’s no denying how incredible sculpted shrubs and hedges look in any landscape. No matter their pattern or shape, they can transform the look of any garden into a magical and creative space. The best part is it’s not overly complicated to do. You can easily shape shrubs into art around your home with these simple steps – or leave it to the professionals instead! At Cedarsmith, our team of trimming experts can create the look you’ve been dreaming of so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view of your landscape without having to lift a finger. Get in touch today!